Carpet Samples

There are many choices and options when Project Planning a floor replacement or a new construction floor design. Not only is the design important but so is the use of the floor area. Product selection of materials such as a soft surface (carpet, roll goods and carpet tile), resilient surfaces (rubber, luxury vinyl plank or tile, sheet vinyl, linoleum) offer ease of use and long term performance advantages when installed and maintained properly.


  • The design, pattern look and feel of the floor area?

  • Sound and acoustics? Is there a concern of noise & sound travel?

  • The ability to hear clearly in a defined space?

  • Are there slip and fall concerns?

  • Lifespan of product - is this a short term space or long term use area?

  • Durability, clean-ability? Is your custodial services capable of maintaining the new surface properly?

Flooring Spaces in a School or Public Works Facility


  • Offices, Hallways

  • Classrooms, Portables

  • Restrooms

  • MPR or Cafeterias

  • Weight roomsSport Floors

City, County​

  • Reception

  • Cubicle AreasOffice Clusters

  • Suites, Conference Rooms

  • Break Rooms

  • Server Rooms

If you have questions about material options or need to know more about a specific product, please contact us today!