Floor Prep Matters!


Floor Prep Definitely Matters!  A Great Floor Installation starts way before the floor covering material is installed. The most overlooked process in project planning is Floor Preparation. All County Flooring pays attention to substrate details and is always focused on Preparation & Details.

ACF evaluates each project and provides the best case options following manufacturers guidelines and specifications. Unfortunately we do not have x-ray vision, but we do rely on our experience and industry tools to provide solutions to problems that may visible before or after a floor is removed.  Our goal is to provide a smooth, flat, safe and properly installed floor for our clients.

The Most Expensive Floor is the one that has to be replaced due to short term failure. These failures can occur when install short cuts are used during the installation, or proper guidelines are not followed per specifications.

ACF Guarantee is we Stand Behind and On the Floors We Install!

Typical concrete sub floor once old flooring is removed in a commercial flooring environment.

Floor Prep Definitely Matters!  We removed an older vct floor that was failing. Shot blasted the substrate, installed moisture resistant bonding primer, poured self leveling cementitious topping to flatten the floor for the new LVT floor.

Shot Blasting.jpg